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Alfresco s Garden Cafe


Modern mediterranean-style dining and classic cafe favorites

in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Good food, done well, every time.

BREAKFAST from 6am

bacon and egg ​breakfast focaccia

fried eggs ‘sunny side up’ with smoked ​bacon, manchego sheep’s cheese, marinated ​olives, tomato relish and pickled zucchini on ​toasted herbed focaccia.

shaved fennel, roquette and red onion salad ​garnish with french vinaigrette.

eggs benny vege on ​whole meal country ​bread

roast mediterranean vegetables with ​poached eggs and tomato chutney

on toasted whole meal bread with herbs de ​provence infused hollandaise sauce.

with a shaved fennel, roquette and red onion ​salad garnish with french vinaigrette.

Buttermilk and ​buckwheat​ pancakes

buttermilk and buckwheat pancakes with ​warm poached berries, vanilla ice-cream and ​maple syruo.


eggs benny bacon on ​french sourdough

smokey bacon, onion chutney and poached ​eggs on toasted pain de campagne with ​italian herbs infused hollandaise sauce, ​pickled zucchini and marinated olives.

shaved fennel, roquette and red onion salad ​garnish with french vinaigrette.

green goddess ​breakfast bowl

roquette pesto scrambled green eggs, flash ​fried greens with roasted seeds and nuts, ​avocado, pickled cucumber, marinated olives, ​blistered cherry tomatoes

and toasted focaccia bread ..

with grilled bush lemon and a drizzle of mild ​spanish pepper sauce to spice it up.

vegetable loaded plate ​with HERBED FOCCACIA

mediterranean roast vegetables, beetroot ​relish, marinated olives, avocado, roasted ​seeds and nuts, tomato chutney, pickled ​veges and loads more...

with shaved fennel, roquette and red onion ​salad and french vinaigrette.


big mediterranean ​breakfast with italian ​herbed focaccia

2 eggs any style, hickory smokey bacon, ​cheesy mashed potato cake,

grilled chorizo, roast vegetables, blistered ​cherry tomatoes, pickled zucchini, marinated ​olives, grilled haloumi and mediterranean ​spiced tomato relish.

served with toasted herbed focaccia and a ​shaved fennel, roquette and

red onion salad garnish with french ​vinaigrette.

small mediterranean ​breakfast

hickory wood smoked bacon with grilled ​mediterranean vegetables, pickled zucchini, ​tomato relish, grilled haloumi and a few ​marinated olives.

with toasted french sourdough and a ​poached egg.

and a shaved fennel, roquette and red onion ​salad garnish with french vinaigrette


granola bowl with ​coconut yoghurt and VA​NILLA s​orbet

honey, vanilla and dutch speculaas spices ​toasted granola with roasted

seeds and nuts. served with organic coconut ​yoghurt, a scoop of vanilla sorbet and maple ​syrup..


avocado on french ​sourdough

crushed avocado, tomato relish, and pickled ​zucchini on french pain de

campagne sourdough with goats cheese, ​marinated olives and grilled bush lemon.

shaved fennel, roquette and red onion salad ​garnish with french vinaigrette.

spanish bean breakfast ​chilli with chorizo and ​whole meal country ​bread

black angus beef mince chilli with spanish ​beans, roast capsicum and soffrito sauce. ​topped with a poached egg and grilled ​chorizo.

pumpkin, mushroom, ​zucchini & CHEESE stack

roast pumpkin, grilled mushroom, grilled ​zucchini, pickled cucumber and

haloumi, stacked on toasted focaccia.

with roquette pesto and blistered cherry ​tomatoes.

shaved fennel, roquette and red onion salad ​garnish with french vinaigrette.

LUNCH from 12pm ish

wagyu beef burger with ​chips

with hickory smoked bacon, iceberg lettuce, ​onion chutney, pickled zucchini,

spanish manchego sheep cheese, beetroot ​relish, tomato and herbed aioli on

a toasted brioche bun. served with a small ​chips and tomato sc.

loaded spanish patatas ​bravas

fried potatoes wedges, loaded with 24 hours ​slow cooked pulled pork,

marinated olives and shaved aged cheddar.

topped with thinly sliced red onion, pickled ​jalepeno, herbed aioli and spanish red p​epper s​a​uce.

slow cooked lamb open ​sandwich with chipS

18 hours slow cooked, greek style lamb open ​sandwich, with marinated fetta,

tomato relish, iceberg lettuce, roast ​vegetables, pickled zucchini and marinated

olives on toasted whole meal bread. served ​with a small chips and tzatziki sc.

Linguine ai frutti di ​mare

sauteed seafood tossed with linguine,

seasonal vegetables, grilled bush lemon​ and a light provençal herbs & mild chilli ma​rinar​a​ ​s​c.

lasagna alla bolognese ​con ragu & besciamella

lasagne with slow cooked bolognese beef, ​béchamel sauce and layers of pasta.

served with shaved fennel, roquette & ​iceberg salad with french vinaigrette.


vegetable loaded plate ​with herbed foccacia

mediterranean roast vegetables, beetroot ​relish, marinated olives, avocado, roasted ​seeds and nuts, tomato chutney, pickled ​veges and loads more...

with shaved fennel, roquette and red onion ​salad and french vinaigrette.


POLLo español with ​pearl barley s​alad

Spanish style roast chicken thigh and grilled ​chorizo with herbed piri piri aioli, ​mediterranean pearl barley salad, grilled ​lemon and green vegetables.

french steak sandwich ​with chips

herbs de provence seasoned, 150 gr rump ​steak and hickory smoked bacon with ​iceberg lettuce, beetroot relish, pickled ​zucchini, mediterranean roast vegetables, on ​toasted french sourdough. served with a ​small chips and tomato sc.

roast pumpkin & ​beetroot with pearl ​barle​y salad

oven roasted butternut pumpkin & baby ​beetroot with a mediterranean pearl barley ​sal​a​d, goat's cheese and roquette pesto.

SFINCIONE DI alfresco's

sugo sauce-based pizza with slow cooked ​pork and chorizo.

topped with marinated olives, pickled ​jalapenos and chef’s own 4 cheese blend.

drizzled with spanish pepper sauce

fruits de mer avec ​pommes frites

crumbed flathead fillet, lime dill and mild chilli ​dusted calamari and

sauteed prawns. with rustic cut chips and ​remoulade sauce.

nicoise salad with ​atlanti​c salmon

french nicoise salad with potatoes, green ​beans, olives, red onion, capers, egg, ​tomatoes ad cos lettuce with nicoise ​dressing. with your choice of grilled chicken ​thi​gh or atlantic salmon.


We use own blend of coffee beans to ensure our customers always enjoy a truly satisfying cup.

Chef Dennis is extremely fussy when it comes to selecting beans for our blend - only the best pass the test!

Bags of our exceptional 'Alfresco's Blend' are available to purchase at the counter.

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We are proud to offer a selection of quality​

Melany Dairy and top-shelf alternative plant​ milks ​

te​a time

Enjoy the finest quality loose leaf tea's from ​Noosa Tea Co, brewed in the cup for​ maximum i​nfusion.

Ho​t choc's & Chai's

Warm and comforting, or refreshingly chilled ​over ice...always moreish!



three milkshakes

Vanilla ice-cream based ​MILKSHAKES


SMOOTHy's ~ JUIces

International beers

White and red wine


kombucha ~ waters



the classic café staple…versatile and totes ​delicious! warm and fluffy slices of pure bliss ​baked in-house by chef dennis!


warm and toasty slices of fruit bread with a ​sweet and sticky jam. a harmonious balance​ to delight your taste buds!​


a divine dessert to tantalise your taste buds. ​creamy ricotta, crumbly cookie crust, the tang of ​the lemon zest..a palette of flavours that will leave ​you wanting more..​


everyone’s favorite heavenly treat made with care and ​love. chef dennis' brownies will leave your tastebuds ​begging for more, and they’re gluten free!

Indulge …delight ….repeat !


take the rocky road! a decadent, satisfying dessert ​with rich and creamy chocolate, crunchy nuts, ​chewy marshmallows and other cookie bits…

cure your cravings with the rocky road!


this moist cake is truly a chef dennis masterpiece! a ​soft and fluffy texture dotted with juicy carrot bits, ri​chly spiced with coriander and nutm​eg,

smothered in a creamy smooth frostin​g...

one bite will have you addict​e​d !


Chef Dennis's panini sandwiches are perfect for picnics and lunch on the go!

..or to sit and enjoy at your leisure on our spacious garden terrace.

With a variety of seasonal fresh fillings, including luscious vegetarian options, you'll be delighted with the ​tasty gourmet flavors and wonderfully great value!


Select from delicious freshly-made panini ​sandwiches, cakes, slices, and takeaway menu ​items to create the ultimate picnic lunch for two ​or more people.

Call us to pre-order your hamper:

0​7​) 5302 4717

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Located in the hinterland ​village of Eumundi, the home ​of the famous Eumundi ​Markets, just a short drive ​from Noosa Heads.

Find us at 1381 Eumundi-​Noosa Road -

next to Kev n Ken’s flower ​pot shop

We welcome all well ​behaved dogs!

Water is provided in the ​doggie area for our furry ​friends

dog friendly
live music sunday s

Supporting our local muso's is great for everyone!

Join us on Sunday’s 12-3pm, with a special $20 Burger + Beer gig deal for our fabulous live music supporters

private functions

Planning a celebration or special occasion?

Call or send us an email to discuss catering and ​venue options for your next big event at Alfresco’s


07) 5302 4717

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1381 Eumundi Noosa Road, EUMUNDI, QLD, 4562 ​AUSTRALIA